User generated content is here!

November 14, 2019 by Tim van Heugten Website

After several weeks of hard work, I can finally announce the launch of user generated content on IHDB. Users can now register, login and start contributing. Obviously by starting to create a profile for themselves.

These new features require a little explanation. The first 'confusing' aspect is the fact that a user account and a player profile are two different things. Read on and I'll try to explain.

All user accounts can submit new players, new teams, propose changes to existing players and to existing teams. All these changes will be checked and when approved will become visible. As I strongly believe IHDB should be a legitimite source of information for everything inline hockey, this is a neccessary step in the process. I did build in notifications (in menu bar and by email), so you'll always know what's going on.

A user account can also claim a player profile. This can be done by contacting us through Facebook or Instagram using your personal account. This 'identification' step is needed to make sure player profiles are only claimed by the actual player.

When you have claimed a profile, the real fun begins. You can add stats to your profile that we didn't harvest from the web. All visitors will be able to see the difference between harvested stats (which I call 'Verified') and user added stats. In a next version we will create a process where you can get stats verified by IHDB.

Talking about next versions. By opening up the platform and allowing users to generate content, I can think of so many things to add. First will be more player features: adding highlight videos, photos, bio, etc. I also will add an equivelant of Facebook's like feature. A way for players or fans to show respect to another player.

A lot of people have asked me if IHDB will be free to use and free of ads forever. I can't promise that, but it will be my goal. If anything, I will probably add 'Pro' features for a very small fee per month. Think about using your profile as a 'Pro Player Homepage' with added features like a custom url, a calendar to list camps or private sessions, listing sponsors, etc.

If you have feedback, suggestions or questions you know how to find me!